Saturday, April 17

Health, beauty and well being

It is not by chance that we chose to write in this blog a text about beauty and health. In a space that you want to use to alert to the importance of healthy behaviours and health promotion, why talk about beauty? Beauty and health are not distinct concepts, which have nothing to do with each other? We will see that this is not so and that health and beauty are closely related

Health with beauty

Beauty should not be seen as a goal to be reached at any cost. For example, the diet followed by many people. For many people the diet serves only to lose weight in any way without worrying about the consequences it may have for their health.

If it is true that being overweight is bad for your health, it is no less true that the ideal weight should be achieved through a correct and balanced diet and not through eating mistakes that are bad for your health. In other words, we should combine health with beauty. The improvement of our health condition and that of our beauty are two goals that can and should be worked on simultaneously.

Health, beauty and well being

Being healthy is much more than the mere absence of disease. To be healthy is to feel good and to be able to live our life with quality and autonomy, in perfect well-being.

Health, beauty and well being are, therefore, three very important concepts in our life, towards a healthier life and a better quality of life.

Beauty, nowadays, is no longer futile, that is, the care we have with our body is seen, nowadays, with naturalness and as an intrinsic need. When we do not feel well in our skin, we change our posture and the way we relate with people.

In order to feel good inside (psychologically) one has to like what one sees outside. It is essential for our self-esteem and consequently for us to feel fulfilled and well with ourselves. Being happy with the image is fundamental for a good self-esteem. Low self-esteem jeopardizes our self-confidence to make even the smallest of decisions. Thus, increasing self-esteem becomes imperative as it increases our confidence and is the first step to take to be happier and healthier.

Body, health and beauty

Reconstructing and disciplining the body to achieve “good shape” becomes a way of living life that should be part of one’s daily life, as well as an alternative of pleasure and health. The bet on health promotion is undoubtedly a way to go towards a healthy life, where each one of us must act to improve our health condition and consequently our beauty.

Health and beauty tips

We must act to improve our beauty, self-esteem and simultaneously our health. In fact, as a rule, when we improve our health condition we improve our beauty, and when we improve our beauty we improve our body and mind health.

Here are some health and beauty tips:

  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day;
  • Eat a rich and balanced diet;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • Use body and facial treatments;
  • Use aesthetic surgeries if necessary (through medical advice);
  • Relax, performing activities that give you pleasure.

A restorative sleep can do much more for your health and beauty than you think, especially as regards the appearance of your skin.

“You are what you eat” is a wise phrase that clearly sums up the benefits or harm that the food we eat exerts on our appearance and especially on our health. We should not leave aside the care with food, betting only on miraculous and quick recipes in order to achieve beautiful hair, hydrated skin, strong nails and the ideal weight, definitely this is not the right way.

Physical activity also has an undeniable effect not only on the improvement of our health condition but also on the improvement of our self-confidence, stress reduction, etc. By exercising we improve our physical appearance and occupy our free time in a constructive and pleasant way. The changes resulting from these attitudes are good for our appearance and contribute positively to our mental and physical health.

Life and health

In this text, we have summarized the importance of aesthetics, beauty and health, alerting to its relevance in the context of a healthier life.