Saturday, April 17

Why are older people aggressive

In old age, many older people become grumpy, take offense, and their relatives and those who watch over them suffer greatly. And it is aggression in the elderly that is very common and you have to be able to cope with it.

Possible causes of aggression in elderly people

The cause of aggression may be the very nature of the person – if the elderly and young showed some sharp features, then closer to old age, they can aggravate and it is very difficult to fight it, because it is just a feature of character. But it is not always so: it happens that once a kind and gentle old man begins to show aggression and sometimes quite strongly.

There are direct reasons for that:

  • Dementia. In this condition, the serotonin level is significantly reduced – it is because of this good mood is a rare guest and most often a pensioner is in a bad mood and shows aggression;
  • excruciating pains. Constant pains, which are difficult to control and difficult to eliminate with something, cause irritability and outbreaks of aggression;
  • Bullshit. Aggressive behavior in older people is very often caused as mental disorders. An exacerbation of delirium is accompanied in certain cases by aggression;
  • Side effects of medication. Some medications have an effect on the psyche, and hence a constant anger in older people.

These are the main reasons why a pensioner may experience outbreaks of uncontrollable rage. However, it may also be that caregivers themselves are the cause of aggression. Elderly people do not like to be corrected very often, for example, in speech.

They don’t like it when someone tries to convince them of something they are sure of – that’s why they are very conservative and don’t accept new things and objections. They don’t like to be treated like children or constantly asked about their condition, regretted.

All this can eventually lead to anger and aggression on a pensioner. The negativity may reach such a point that the elderly may develop a nervous breakdown and significantly worsen relations with family members.

How to react to aggression

Both psychologists and specialists in the field of geriatrics talk about why the elderly are aggressive. However, if the anger is already manifested, the question is acute, how to behave with such an elderly person.

The rules are simple:

  • In no case do not react to aggression by aggression. After such an elderly person can react even more acutely and his anger will only get worse and as a result outbreaks can take dangerous forms;
  • Patience. Even if an older person is not shy about his statements, or maybe attacks, you cannot give in to these emotions and provocations. Only calmness on your part can make the situation better. Otherwise, the outbreak will only be stronger and everything can come even to the attack and blows;
  • Do not to take it personally. Even if the elderly offends you, attacks you – it does not mean that the elderly feel anger towards you. You could just be there and be the one to whom the elderly can spit out what they have accumulated inside. Unfortunately, it happens and it has to be accepted and withstood.

But if the aggression has become very clear and manifests itself through blows, causes fear and can not cope with it on its own, it is better to turn to specialists – in emergency situations to call an ambulance, because sometimes this leads to deplorable consequences.

How to help an elderly person?

If the cause of aggression is a mental illness or some health problems, then this is the field of activity of doctors. They choose the right treatment and aggression can be successfully suppressed.
Help should be very gentle and delicate – brute force and intrusion into the space of an elderly person will cause anger in him.

  • You should talk more with the elderly. Tender and warm conversations will help to calm the elderly – in such an atmosphere there will be no reason for aggression, and if it does occur, it will not get worse.
  • Hire a specialist. For example, a psychologist – he will help to deal with internal problems that can overcome the elderly. With them, the anger will go away. If it’s all about a mental illness, the therapist and psychiatrist can help.
  • To control the condition. If you see that the elderly begins to get angry, then urgently calm him down and distract him to some other business, so that the aggression gradually fades away.
  • Find him a new case. However, it must be an activity that does not make the elderly angry and do not irritate – otherwise attacks of anger will occur even more often.
  • Keep an eye on your psychological health. If you are also in a state of nervousness, you can break down on the elderly – it will cause him to reciprocate aggression.
  • Never swear at what you’re saying. It is worth remembering that these are only angry words and nothing more. And the punishment can only make things worse.

In the nursing home can work with such guests – in safe hands they will find peace and outbreaks of aggression will be minimized.